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Cell Culture and Bioprocess

Eox has all your Cell Culture and Bioprocessing needs with a wide range of luers, check valves, fittings & tubing. Get in touch if you need help with your requirements

Female Wing Grip Luers - Various Sizes & Materials Available
Male Luer Locks to 1/8" Barb - Various Sizes & Materials Available
Straight Connectors with 1/16" Barbs - Various Sizes & Materials Available
1/8" Y Connectors - Various Sizes & Materials Available
1/4" Barbed Check Valve, Kynar - Various Sizes & Materials Available
Check Valve, 1/8" Barb to Male Luer Lock, ABS Body with Polystyrene & Silicone Disc ISO 594 and ISO 80369-7 compliant. Various Sizes & Materials Available.
Miniature Pinch Valve Range - Various Sizes & Materials Available
Syringe Filters, Polypropylene Body - Hydrophilic Nylon Membrane. Various Sizes & Materials Available.
Sliding Latch - Quick Connect Plastic Couplings. Various Sizes & Materials Available.
Bag Access Swabable Needle Free Luer Activated Valves. Various Sizes & Materials Available.
Kynar®, LLDPE, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PVC, Silicone and TPE. These are suitable in some cases for Biomedical and Bioprocess applications.
Tubing accessories and clamps
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