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Markets segments - Due to our extensive range of products we have the ability to serve multiple medical markets. 

This includes Ophthalmic, Negative Wound Therapy, Cell Culture & Bioprocess, Endoscopy and Pressure Care


We offer medical grade products with regulatory compliance...

Offering safe and reliable connections in technology advances and patient safety we offer products with ISO 80369-7 to prevent misconnection as well as ISO 13485, FDA approved, Class 7 and 8 cleanroom manufactured products plus many more. You can find this information in our product information - available for every product. 

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Cell Culture & Bioprocess

Bioprocessing helps develop vaccines in human and animal pharmaceuticals. Cell culture works on cell and gene therapy in developing the treatment of genetic diseases.


The endoscopic/gastrointestinal device market is fast growing! Endoscopic technologies create a much less invasive and non-invasive alternative to open surgery.

Wound Care

Helping patients heal quickly and safely, preventing ulcers and maceration the development of wound care is essential to making patients as comfortable as possible.


Key to diagnosing and treating eye conditions or disorders - anything from checking your eyesight to cataract surgery the Ophthalmic market looks after your vision.

Pressure Care

Helping develop pressure or air flow mattresses which are designed to increase the comfort of people suffering from bed sores and help aid support with pressure points. 

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