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Eox Filters - We supply a large selection of micro filters to suit many flow control applications.

By filtering out these particles, this will stop them from passing through the system and ultimately protect the components and prolong the lifespan of the parts.

We offer filtration from as low as 0.10 Micron up to 250 Micron. There are many different material options available for both the filter element and the body housing as well as many connection styles from luer to luer, threaded, barb to barb and push-in.

Style options include ISO 80369-7, Disposable Filters, Suction Filters, Syringe Filters, Serviceable Filters and Accessories, Positive-Negative Filters and Hollow Fibre Filters.

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Disposable filters are designed for single use.

Disposable filters as their name suggests, are designed for single use, helping with infection control and cross contamination.

The time saved in not having to clean and sterilise equipment helps increase and improve productivity. Suitable for use within pneumatic, gas and other compatible fluid applications. They are used in inspiratory and expiratory lines, where cross contamination can be a potential issue. 

A wide range of style, connections and filtration micron levels allows for numerous variations available off the shelf. View Disposable Filters

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A suction filter is primarily used on a suction line suspended on the end of a length of tubing in a bottle, barrel, or similar container.

Its function is to stop the ingress of contaminants, that gather in the bottom of the vessel, entering the fluid system and causing damage to potentially important and/or expensive equipment further down the line. Feet at the bottom of the filter prevent it from sitting flush and blocking flow into the system. 

Widely used in the chemical dispensing and analytical industry the range below comes in a choice of filter micron rating and barb connection to suit either 1/8″ or 1/4″ tubing. View Suction Filters

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Our latest edition the Luer Filters were released as a range to acknowledge the importance of the ISO 80369-7 standard. 

This range is manufactured in a Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom which lends itself perfectly to the medical and life science industry.

As standard each filter has a 0.2 micron Hydrophobic Glass Fibre Disc which is great for removal of fine particulates. The filters as standard are luer to barb connections. An added advantage is that it can be totally modular so you can choose your perfect connection. View ISO 80369-7 Filters

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Serviceable filters allow for the cleaning or replacement of all component parts, making them a long term cost effective item. 

This also allows for modularity so filter elements, end connections, seal materials can be changed to suit any application. 

Suitable for use at standard airline pressures of 10 bar, so ideal for mounting in-line before air tools, blow guns or machinery where clean air is essential. View Serviceable Filters


Accessorise your Serviceable Filter

We have a range of filter elements and housing options.

- Polypropylene elements available in 5, 10 & 20 Micron 
- Nylon elements available in 10 & 48 Micron 
- Serviceable Filter Housing Only -  Barbs to suit 1/8" (3.2mm) ID Tubing

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Positive & Negative Filters

Positive and negative filters are filter units that are specifically designed for vacuum or positive pressure applications.

A typical vacuum application would be between the vacuum generator and the work piece, for example a suction cup, capturing dust and dirt so it doesn’t get into the generator and cause damage or inefficiency in its operation. View Positive-Negative Filters

Hollow Fibre Membrane Filters

These hollow membrane filters offer fine filtration of air, down to 0.01 micron.  This is particularly important where clean, dry air is critical for continued operation of equipment and systems.

This type of “clean air” filter is ideal for use in the semi-conductor, metrology, printing and medical industries, where safeguarding equipment is crucial. View Hollow-Fibre Membrane Filters


Eox Filters Book

Our new Filters book has everything you need to select the right product for your project! We have a huge range including Single Use, Suction, Luer, Syringe, Serviceable & CustomClick here to download the Eox Filters Book

To help with your selection we’ve included:

  • Detailed product data for individual components including pricing
  • 1:1 images – representing actual component size
  • Dimensional drawings to help with your design process
  • A technical overview for each type of check valve

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Get in touch with the Eox technical team who are available to discuss your requirements in more detail and support your project: