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Check Valve - What is a Floating Disc?

Published date: 27 Feb 2020

What is a Floating Disc? This type of check valve is almost always normally open. A self-centering flexible elastomer disc is the working part of this type of diaphragm check valve. The valve body keeps the disc centered over the seating area or sealing surface of the valve.
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ISO 80369 - Available Now

Published date: 07 Feb 2020

What is ISO 80369? ISO 80369 is a series of standards which is designed to improve patient safety by reducing the risk of misconnections with small-bore connectors which are used in liquid and gas healthcare applications. The ISO 80369 series of standards aims to minimise misconnections between small-bore connectors of different functional categories.
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NEW Modular Check Valves

Published date: 09 May 2019

Our modular Check Valve with internal O-ring sealing utilises a spring forced floating poppet to allow flow at pre-defined cracking pressures
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