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Syringe Filters

Our range comes with multiple housing options including ABS, medical grade Polypropylene and incorporates different material options for the filter disc including, Nylon, PVDF (Kynar) and PTFE. The syringe filters are available in sizes ranging from 0.22 to 10 µm with various connection types such as male luer lock, female luer lock etc.  The syringe filter is typically used for filtering organic solvent-based samples to HPLC analysis. The syringe filter provides a good resistance to most acids and alkalis making it an excellent choice for aggressive solvents, liquids and gases.  Our syringe filters come in Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic options. Materials with a special affinity for water which expand causing maximum contact are known as Hydrophilic. Those that naturally repel water which cause droplets to form, are known as Hydrophobic.