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New Full Line Catalogue

Introducing our NEW catalogue which features the best of Eoxshop fittings, couplings, tubing, check valves, filters and flow control.

The catalogue offers full technical data, QR codes direct to the products and a peek at what we have coming soon. 

Click here to download your copy now!


Click on the links below to download the catalogue you require!

We have a range of downloadable information including our new Check Valve catalogue which showcases our full check valve in range. Our Eoxshop catalogue gives you an overview on some of our key ranges, we also have a pictorial version available. 

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Eoxshop Catalogues

Click to download our modular check valve flyer

Find out more about our newest range of quick release couplings. Made all in Stainless Steel including the poppet. Also compatible with Q2 and Q4 couplings

Download EQC Flyer

Download our new catalogue which show cases our extensive range of fittings and luers which are available in various specifications and material options including ISO 80369

Download Fittings Catalogue

Our new Filters book has everything you need to select the right product for your project! We have a huge range including Single Use, Suction, Luer, Syringe, Serviceable & Custom

Download Filters Catalogue

Download Coupling Catalogue

Couplings are fittings designed for changing out lines quickly and easily. They are made to be connected and disconnected without the use of tools, or losing product.

Download Couplings Catalogue

Click to download check valves catalogue

We have a vast range including modular, poppet & ball, floating & diaphragm, duckbill & umbrella. available in various sizes, cracking pressures & connections styles.

Download Check Valves Catalogue

A pictorial overview of products Eox can offer. Including check valves, couplings, fittings, luers, tubing, filters, pumps, valves, flow control, regulators, silencers

Download Eox Pictorial Flyer

Download Gas Control Flyer

Eox are proud to be distributors for NTC. For over 30 years NTC have been supplying gas control equipment for the laboratory - including Pneuchange units, Regulators and Cylinders. 

Download Gas Control Flyer

Download Product Overview

The original Eox flyer - A pictorial overview of products Eox can offer including Orifice Restrictors, Regulators, Fittings, Check Valves, Filters and Pressure and Vacuum Switches.

Download Product Overview

Click to download our modular check valve flyer

Modular check valves explained - how to create your own check valve from thousands of combinations. You can build your own with our configurator - find out how!

Download Modular Check Valves Flyer

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