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  • About Us

Eox supplies customers around the world with a unique portfolio of fittings, couplings, tubing, check valves and other miniature fluid control components.

Full technical data and documentation is available for every product including downloadable 3D CAD drawings. Eox offers a wide range of off the shelf products complete with the correct seals and material specifications suitable for medical and scientific applications.

Our Commitment To You...

  • Our commitment to offering high standards of products and services as well as aftercare, are what make Eox stand out from other miniature fluid companies

  • With a secure online environment, ability to view previous purchases and quick order function - it couldn’t be easier to purchase from Eox Shop
  • We have an in-house sales team who will be happy to answer your product questions and suggest alternatives if you can’t find what you are looking for

Markets We Serve

Eox products can be used in many applications, we mainly focus on the medical markets and strive to have the best product selection available for our customer's applications. 
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We cover all aspects of the medical industry. Our products are selected with industry standards in mind. Just some of the industries you will be able to find our products are: Surgical/Orthopedic,Cardiovascular, In Vitro Diagnostics.Infusion, Respiratory, Urology, Compression Therapy, Mattress Systems (medical beds)
Eox provides quality products that can be used in the BioPharm industry. Biopharma research and development, is much important for the research and development of new life changing drugs and treatments
Supplying products into the analytical market, including our range of check valves, quick disconnect couplings which can be found in laboratory and water analytical applications
Inkjet & Printing Solutions
We offer a vast range of leak proof and chemically resistant products which are suitable for the inkjet industry. Our products offer a reliable and long lasting solution for your inkjet printer


Eox products can be used in many applications, some typical applications you will find our products are, anaesthesia, ventilation, bed/mattress and washer/dryers as well as negative wound therapy