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What is ISO 80369?

ISO 80369 is a series of standards which is designed to improve patient safety by reducing the risk of mis-connections with small-bore connectors which are used in liquid and gas healthcare applications. The ISO 80369 series of standards aims to minimise mis-connections between small-bore connectors of different functional categories.

Why is ISO 80369 important? The need to improve patient safety is the most obvious answer. It is common for patients to have many lines connected in order to deliver the treatment they require. For example, the devices in intravenous applications needed to administer the treatment use a universal luer lock connection, misconnections can cause leaks which lead to an incorrect dosage of medication or delivery of an incorrect fluid or gas which can cause complications or even death. The ISO 80369-7 standard for intravascular and hypodermic applications has tightened dimensions and functional testing for luer connectors to stop these mistakes from happening For more information on the ISO 80369 standard click here

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