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Pressure Care 

Eox offers a wide selection of components suitable for pressure care applications including fittings, check valves, couplings and tubing. Our product range is supported with full technical data including dimensional drawings, downloadable 3D CAD models and regulatory information. 

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Thumb Latch Couplings - 1/8" Flow, Sockets, Non-Valved - Acetal
Thumb Latch Couplings - 1/8" Flow, Plugs, Non-Valved - Acetal
Polysulfone, Barbs for 1/16" ID tubing. Available sizes range from 0.004" to 0.040"
Thumb Latch Couplings - 1/4" Flow, Plugs, Non-Valved, Metal latch - Acetal
Medium 90 Degree Heat Sealable
Tee Connectors with 1/4" Barbs - various materials available
Elbow Connectors with 1/4" Barbs - various materials available
Straight Connectors with 1/4" Barbs - various materials available
Miniature In-line Filter, 149 Micron, Barbs to suit 1/4" ID Tubing, Polycarbonate
Barb, Push-In & Female Thread, Glass Filled Polypropylene, multiple seals & cracking pressures
Diaphragm check valves - various materials, sizes and cracking pressures available
Silicone tubing - various sizes, materials, shore hardness available


Eox can also can assist with the supply of tube assemblies into a wide range of medical applications.

Working with our partners we are able to design and manufacture specific solutions ranging from miniature tube assemblies to complex manifold assemblies - we have access to a team of engineers who are SolidWorks trained and ready to help with your application - this includes the use of a production area, testing labs and a certified cleanroom 
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