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Floating Disc Check Valves

This type of check valve is almost always normally open. A self-centering flexible elastomer disc is the working part of this type of diaphragm check valve. The valve body keeps the disc centered over the seating area or sealing surface of the valve.The sealing surface is on the inlet side of the check valve body. It has a fine, smooth surface that is usually concave or curved back towards the inlet port, with an opening at its centre. Backflow causes the flexible elastomer disc to lie down across the curved sealing surface, which closes the opening to the inlet port. The closed check valve prevents upstream flow back through the inlet port.

A floating disc diaphragm check valve has a particular design on the outlet side of the valve body, generally a two-level valve seat with built in channels. Positive flow towards the outlet or exit port causes the disc to lie against this seat. The media then flows around the disc, through the channels and out through the exit port of the check valve.